SGU finally reveals Destiny's secrets, for the "Greater Good"

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After a disappointing outing last week, SGU has flipped the switch back to "better" for last night's episode "The Greater Good." Let's stumble once more, down the dark hallway that is the Destiny.

I'm going to keep this review short and sweet, just like the episode. This was a very nice episode of SGU — in fact, "The Greater Good" might just be my favorite episode from season two. Why? Because SGU decided to keep the drama simple. And in doing so, they finally moved forward with a plot Destiny had been lugging through space for seven episodes. Rush's secret bridge was revealed to the rest of the crew. Huzzah — now deal with that, crew. It was great, seriously wonderful. Granted we all could have done without the slapsticky sitcom drama that was the crew actually driving the Destiny. I seriously waiting for Greer to come tumbling out of his mist/space shower, soap-in-eyes, draped in a towel shouting, "Jaaaane stop this craaaaazy thiiiinnng!"

But it's one small complaint in an episode I was genuinely invested in, from start to finish. So let's get to it. Destiny finds another ship, and since every other time they've investigated a mysterious and seemingly abandoned space ship drifting off in the big black it's gone so very well, Young and Rush decide the smart thing to do is board and explore this new mysterious and seemingly abandoned space ship, again! I believe Volker said it best in the beginning of the episode "new friends, yaaaaaay." That was funny. But it was the ends to means for this episode, so *hands in the air*. To make a long story short, Rush and Young get stuck on the ship alone and Destiny has to physically move her metal behind, in order to retrieve Rush and Young from the mysterious and seemingly abandoned space ship.


But wait, the crew has no control over Destiny's movements, right? WRONG, and you know it. Rush then devises a plan to get the only person he trusts, Dr. Perry, back on the ship so he can tell her through mathematics to GO TO THE SECRET BRIDGE UNLOCK THE DOOR AND PUSH THE SHIP FORWARD. The more you know, kids.

So Perry obeys Rush's wishes, but accidentally reveals the Bridge to the rest of the crew, whoops. And boy were they pissed. Watching Eli's face when he figured out Rush's secret code was pretty great, I'm glad he got to be the one to piece it all together.

Eli radios Young and spills the beans, forcing Young and Rush into a strange tumbly, roll-around fight scene inside the mysterious and seemingly abandoned ship. But while Young is in mid choke-out, he stops. Too many necks have been choked by these hands.

The two retreat to their respective dark hallways and Rush comes clean about the Bridge, but not before telling Young that he's a worthless leader (but in a nicer, "You're so burdened" manner). Somehow, someway the two decide that they will be friends again, mostly because Rush saves Young from drifting into space for, forever. So there's always that.


But wait, that wasn't even the BIG drama. The real tasty meat of this episode was all about Eli and his new girlfriend, Attractive Red Head Lucian. Sure, their relationship moved at lightning speed, and yes I would have liked him to work for it a little more, but what happened last week is yesterday's gooey food paste. Now Eli and ARHL, whose name I now remember to be GINN, are bumping uglies. I'm 100% OK with this revelation, mostly because there is nothing to do on Destiny besides play with the repair robot and walk down dark hallways. Sex is definitely better than walking down a dark hallway and probably better, if not equal to, playing with an awesome, criminally underused, robot. So they are a couple that has adorable off-camera relations and I'm fine with that. Another reason why I'm OK with this couple's decision to have sex on the Destiny, and not as interested in watching Chloe and the boy scout do it, because it wasn't as in your face, there were no "Would we still be dating if we weren't trapped on a spaceship probably forever?" pillow talk, and it looks like this relationship is about to mean a whole lot more to Eli.


How's that? Well Angry Lucian is ready to throw down because he thinks she's telling secret Lucian secrets on Earth, which she most likely is. So what does he do? Well this — if you watched the extremely spoilery preview for next weeks SGU. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED.

Bad ass. Sure it's a little cruel to give Eli happiness and then so quickly take it away. But you've got me on the edge of my seat, SGU! Well done everyone. I'm excited to see what the rest of the ship will think of Destiny's "big purpose," what the crew will do in the new bridge, and what happened to GINN! Color me invested.