SGU proves it still has characters to burn

This week (in the second-to-last Stargate Universe episode) the Destiny returned to the "mo' drones, mo' problems" plot line. It was a thrilling little episode that seared its impact into one crew members life forever.


Spoilers below...

This week we find out that all of Destiny 2's descendants have been dropped off with the remainder of their kind on a distant spaceship. And it's a pity we didn't get to see that happy reunion, but... "mo' drones, mo' problems."

There was little time to delve into the characters personal lives (TJ just found out she's probably going to die in five or so years, and the rest of the crew got a peek into their future love lives) because Destiny is almost out of gas. But, every time the crew gets near a star to recharge, and army of drones are waiting for them. Turns out, the drones don't give up and they've figured out a way to outsmart the crew by planting themselves at every space gas station. So the crew is forced to do something rash. Eli dreams up a wild plan that the drones wouldn't ever consider — what if they recharged at a Blue Super Giant?

They really have no other option, so the crew gates off to nearby planet while Rush, Eli and Park stay behind to pilot the ship into the dangerous star. By getting so close to this heat they are basically cooking the ship. Suited up for protection, Park stays behind hoping to salvage what she can from their hydroponics lab. And it doesn't end very well for her.

In a dazzling display of visual effects Park is locked in the hydroponics room while it runs through the Blue Giant, and basically has her eyes burned out. I'm actually surprised she survives, although it is pretty interesting to see what will happen to a crew member aboard Destiny who has been blinded. It's horrifying — but space is dangerous, people. And the one person who knew this already: Rush.

When Park is trapped in the hydroponics deck, locked in by Destiny. Eli and Rush battle it out on the deck over what to do. Eli, naturally, wants to run down and help Park. But the reality of the situation is, no one else can do the math to pilot the ship through the hazardous star. Some people may think Rush is cruel, including Eli who basically calls him a bastard for leaving Park to die, but "the needs of the one" is an important space rule. Plus, if Eli is so arsed about it, why doesn't he just tell Rush to go to hell? Because Destiny would explode, and all hope would be lost. It's a hard moment for Eli, but for the first time he had to make the hard decision for the greater good. It will be interesting to see how this changes his character (even if it's for only one more episode).


I wish this episode could have happened earlier in the series (or that SGU could have a few more episodes) it's just dripping with potential for future drama. But, alas, we may never know.

The rest of the episode was very stereotypical Stargate. The crew found a previous inhabited planet that was wiped out, due to the drones. Their presence doesn't go unnoticed and they have unleash a handful of duck and cover maneuvers to outsmart the machines. It's just time spent away from the ship to build more drama for Eli and Rush. And it's all fine and grand, until one no-name character loses his head and ruins everything for everyone (almost). Hollywood needs to seriously think about doing away with the "that one coward guy" trope. Why is there always some faceless jerk who freaks out and ruins things for everyone? I found it even less believable in this episode that some nobody filler character would lose his shit and endanger the crew by going against specific orders. Has this guy been asleep on Destiny for the last two seasons? Bad form. EDIT: It has been pointed out to me that this guy has used this shtick before and is a "reoccurring" character, kind of. But it still doesn't change my point. You can be a coward and ruin everything for everyone with out being an easy lynch pin in a side plot. Just look at Baltar!


But that's just a minor squabble with a fun (but tragic) fast-paced episode overall, that leaves a horrible scar on one character that's worth seeing through next week. Alas, we only wish there was more time to spend on the Destiny.



i'm sick of the drones. whoever had the idea that drones would be a good big bad for the season? I think that's the thing that i have disliked the most about SGU. Theres no relationship with the big bads. the heroes are most of the time stuck on a ship and hardly interact directly with the enemies