Illustration for article titled Shaky Walkway Designed to Remind You The World Is Going to Hell

German artist Tom Schmelzer is one troubling dude: His proposed interactive walkway, Out of Joint, is supposed to give you a physical feeling of turmoil to match the cataclysmic ups and downs of the global financial markets. So, thanks to avalanche-simulating hydraulics, instead of just feeling sick to your stomach, you will actually be sick to your stomach. The segment of elevated walkway will be built at the the Museum for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Germany, and embedded with motion detectors. As soon as visitors enter, hydraulics will start to make the segment shake while low rumbling sounds—like an earthquake or avalanche—will emanate from hidden speakers. The end result, as Dezeen says, is supposed to convey a feeling of "deep uneasiness." Cuz, see, that's what I've been missing! Stock markets all gone to hell, fate of the nation hanging in the balance, wars raging pretty much every place that Bush can actually identify on a map... yeah, I still somehow need an artificial dose of "deep uneasiness." Thanks Tom... thanks a freakin' lot. [Dezeen]


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