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Today, a Shanghai court ruled that Apple can continue selling its iPads in the metropolis. The ruling rejected a Preview Shenzhen's sales injunction request that was filed over an iPad trademark dispute.

This latest ruling does not impact Apple on a nationwide basis. Previously, another local court in Shijiazhuang, ruled in Proview's favor. Proview can still file injunctions in other local courts.


Reuters reported that a source said the Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Court ruled in Apple's favor. According to Chinese news source Sina, the court case will likely move from the local courts and go to the national courts in Beijing. This latest ruling does not mean this legal rodeo is over—far from it.

To check out the iPad Apple was getting sued over as well as some background on the court case, click here.

Chinese court says Apple can sell iPads in Shanghai: source [Reuters]

上海法院驳回唯冠禁售iPad申请 案件中止诉讼 [Sina]

(Top photo: Alexander F. Yuan | AP)


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