Shark Filled Atrium Belongs In a Supervillain's Lair, Not a Museum

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Miami recently broke ground on the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, which incorporates a planetarium, science galleries, and a wildlife center. But its most striking feature is a shark-filled aquarium with an underwater viewing window located on the atrium's ceiling.

It looks like the city just bought out and converted Dr. Doom's old digs, but the new $275 million facility is being built from the ground up with a projected completion date of early 2015.

It was designed by Grimshaw Architects, and in addition to the 600,000 gallon aquarium that will allow visitors to taunt sharks and other sea life, the museum will incorporate state-of-the-art green building techniques and self-sustaining features. It should also be a boon for the city's tourist industry, since nothing draws in people like captive predators looming over their lunch. [Miami Science Museum via Architizer]