The Sharp HN-IR1 offers cell users another place to put their candid shots of the ladies' locker room—on our their televisions. Supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1080, this palm-sized adapter can display your pics in full HD and downscale if necessary. But there's a catch. It only works with IrSS.

That's the high speed infrared standard that isn't part of our American "but we have bluetooth and even fire!" phones yet (transferring data at a hefty 4Mbps over 20ft). But while the HN-IR1 will be Japan-only when released in April for about $115...that's a good thing. I have no interest in watching a boring vacation slideshow, let alone if it was taken by the steady hand of your ever-enchanting phone photography.

Sharp HN-IR1 [via newlaunches]