Sharps 1080p AQUOS LCD TVs Are Optimized For Gaming With "Vyper Drive"

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The 32-inch, 1080p AQUOS (LC-32GP3U) LCD TVs from Sharp are optimized for gaming by allowing gamers "quick access to the side terminal inputs," as well as activating "Vyper Drive." It's a dorky name for a feature, but it's supposes to cut lag time between console input and TV display so you won't have to miss so many notes in Rock Band thanks to TV response lag. In addition, there's HDMI 1.3, subwoofer output connection, 1080p/24, and built-in ATSC, clear QAM and NTSC tuners. It'll be $1,599 in black, red and white in December. Our only complaint is that it's only 32 inches. [BusinessWire]