Sheep-Shearing Robot Is Tough to Watch in Action

Illustration for article titled Sheep-Shearing Robot Is Tough to Watch in Action

Now I'm no PETA member, and I consider a nice lamb chop to be one of life's great pleasures, but even I get uncomfortable watching this robot do its thing to a racked-up sheep.


Despite how unsettling this contraption is, the inventor, James Trevely, claims that the sheep don't mind it all that much. In fact, he says that the sheep often fell asleep mid-shear, which I find hard to believe. Even harder to believe? That according to physiological stress tests, copulation is the most stressful activity for sheep to withstand. You sheep need to work on your self-confidence.

[Shear Magic via BotJunkie]

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Yeah, because this is cheaper and faster than highering a bunch of dudes with sheers.