Shipping Container Tailgate Party Is the Pinnacle of Pop-Up Design

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Football season may be months away, but that doesn't mean we can't daydream about tailgating. Forget about the rickety old camp grill and cooler in the back of your van: the future of tailgating is boxGATE, a brilliantly overkill pop-up party that unfolds from a shipping container. It's the Transformers of tailgating!


Texas Tech alumni Jane't Howey and Sheryl Estes came up with the design, turning a standard 8-foot by 20-foot shipping container into the world's most portable open-air bar and grill. Decked out with a tap bar, a couch, two flatscreens, an outdoor grilling zone, and a full-width roof deck, it's just a dozen fans short of the best tailgate ever.

Best of all, since everything is self-contained, setup is a breeze—co-founder Jane't Howey told Yahoo Sports the whole process takes less than five minutes. "The fold down deck is motorized, the awning slides out, the doors are unlatched, just fire up the attached grill and flip on the two HD televisions and the party is started. It comes with everything you need plus the kitchen sink," she said.

While the company will sell individual pop-ups to businesses or restaurants, Howey and Estes plan to partner with universities and other organizations to rent out boxGATE units like an outdoor variant on the stadium luxury suite. Their first partner, naturally, is Texas Tech.

While the boxGATE does indeed look like the ultimate parking lot party, I think this concept could reach far beyond the stadium. The founders actually began the project by brainstorming ways shipping containers could be used as inexpensive housing. Hell, with those TVs, that couch, and the roomy roof deck, I'd live in a boxGATE full-time. It ain't the smallest apartment I've seen. [boxLIFE via Yahoo Sports]


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