Shock! Microsoft's BSOD Will Actually be a Black Screen of Death in Windows 8

Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death has been simultaneously worrying and pissing people off since Windows 1.0. No doubt trying to add a bit of sexy glamour to an otherwise frustrating experience, Microsoft's next OS looks to include a black screen.

The change in colors (well, color to an absence of color) was dug up in an early build of Windows 8, and photographed by forum user Canouna. It's possible Microsoft could have a change in heart and decide not to paint everything in black—after all, early copies of Windows 98 and Vista showed a Red Screen of Death. It's just as well they defaulted back to the BSOD—I would've had a heart attack seeing a blood-red RSOD flashing up. [My Digital Life via Winrumors]


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