These gorgeous silk screen prints by London-based tattoo artist Deno depict bold hieroglyphic towers of electrical energy and human body parts, like black & white totem poles from a future skull cult, some New School universe of pyramids and castles where stairways coil up and over power lines and stars threaten to float away in the darkness.

You can buy the prints as a 4-piece set from Shirts & Destroy or from Deno's own Circus Tattoo page—but don't miss his other prints, as well, available at Shirts & Destroy, where the artist's mythology of distorted skulls, abstract architectural forms, unnamed planets, and dagger-like bolts of electrical energy is further elaborated.

Of course, lest you think he only works in black & white, this vibrant three-color lithograph demonstrates his color chops, as well. See more of Deno's work, including actual tattoos, on Flickr. [Shirts & Destroy, Circus Tattoo]


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