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Shooting Challenge: Blackwhite 5

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Photograph details:

Camera Model: Canon EOS Rebel T3
Lens: Tamron 70-300mm
ISO 100, f/13, 1/15sec, 70mm

Photograph Story: The local carnival was a potpourri of flashy bulbs, fun rides and excited kids. The silhouette provided a great contrast against the clear sky and was a perfect setting for a black & white photograph. Shot at Davis, California.


Thanks for the challenge and the opportunity.


- Prantik Bhattacharyya


There's a park I used to live by where I liked to walk around and take pictures of wildlife, mostly squirrels. Today was a particularly hot day but I was in the area so I thought I'd take a stroll. I didn't expect a whole lot of activity but I did manage to see plenty of these little guys running about. I saw this one laying down on the limb and noticed he kind of blended in a bit. The color version is rather unremarkable but I like the B/W conversion a lot. Shot was taken with a Canon T1i and a 55mm-250mm lens at f/5 and ISO 400 with an exposure of 1/320sec. Could've dropped the ISO and the exposure time but with these guys, you never know when they're gonna run off.

-Scott Grasso

Camera : Nikon D7000
Lens : Nikkor 18-200mm VR
ISO : 1600
F-stop : 4.8
Exposure : 1/20
Shot : Handheld, RAW

I was working in an office with the lights off, when I was heading out I realized the only light visible was coming from the exit sign. I shot different angles and chose this one to submit. Whenever I take a shot I picture what it would look like as wallpaper on my monitors. I like the clash of the smooth white letters versus the texture of the ceiling panels.


First of all, I am a first time submitter, so go easy on me.

A good friend of mine was going out of town for the weekend and graciously let me borrow his camera. I spent my weekend around campus shooting all different kinds of pictures. I chose this photo because I like the contrast between the dark straight-edged building (Davis Library at UNC) and the light amorphous clouds. Taken with a Canon EOS 60D and a EFS 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens at ISO 320, f/22, 1/90sec, and developed in Adobe Lightroom.


- Kevin Hu



During a walk in the forest and playing with with the different colours that the overcase afternoon was delivering I noticed how much colour effects us, so I looked for the most colourfull subject I could find, knowing that I was going to remove it later.
This is what I got.


Tim Rohwer


I work on a cruise ship and it takes me too many amazing and beautiful places around the world. This picture is of one of my favorite places to visit, Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay. It is a historical place built in 1868 and was originally a venue for fresh produce but now is a famous market that is filled with shops, restaurants and bars. The structure itself is a marvel. I have spent many times eating BBQ at restaurants in Mercado del Puerto and tired to take some photos however my passion is HDR photos and the lighting in this building is quite dark and also during the day it is far to busy with 1000's of people to use a tripod. So I was never really able to get the photos that I new I could out of this beautiful old structure. However just a few days ago my ship was staying longer in port then normal so I knew I would finally have my chance to get some photos of this place. So with camera and tripod in hand and a huge smile on my face I walked over around 5:30pm to an almost empty building and starting snapping away. I must have taken over 1000 pictures. I have chosen this picture because I love the lighting and texture of the floor and the lovely wine store on the left side and the Iron Gate. I only wish I could share all the great photos I was able to get from this wonderful old building it was a HDR photographer's heaven. I shot this picture with my Canon 7D, 18-135 lens, 3 bracket exposure used photomaix to process the 3 images and then fixed the image up a little more in photoshop and then converted it to black and white with Silver Efex Pro.

- Brendan Dalziel


I used Sony cyber-shot W350, 14mpx, Beach settings. This time I wanted to do something new and better, so I went to the waterfront near by my house and took a few snaps. Out of all, this picture had the most detail in it.

-Kathan Patel


This was actually taken with the iPhone 4 camera, and processed in the Snapseed photo app. The picture was taken of Bear Rineheart, the lead singer of the band Needtobreathe at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. It was my first time at the venue, which was awesome, and the concert was just great as well.

Kevin Goldfarb


It's nice to walk around college campuses at night, they can be anywhere from desolate to as crowded during the day. This was taken in the stadium at the University of Florida about nine at night. The overhead light made a surprisingly good rimlight.
Canon T2i, 50mm, f1.8, ISO3200, 1/80sec, shot RAW and converted in PS.


I was at the beach and over exposed my first shot because I forgot to take it off manual. It looked interesting, so I took a few more like that and cropped this one to size. Nikon D70, f/29, 1/10s, ISO 400, 70mm, Santa Cruz

-Ricky Sahu



Attached is my submission for the Black & White shooting challenge.

The story:

I've recently acquired my first ever iPhone and am enjoying taking photos with it. I planned to take as many pictures possible this weekend in order to enter your contest.


Today, I happened to be on a quick out of town excursion from Los Angeles. The first stop was Solvang and I thought for sure I would find the perfect photo op to send in here. I ended up taking a ton of pictures of flowers - I never tire of the subject, but I bet you might be. Oh well, let's see where this day goes.

Then we took a drive up to a hidden tavern, but it was insanely busy so we stopped for less than 5 minutes. I'll have to go back there.


The next destination was the Santa Barbara Pier. Or is it Wharf? This was my first visit here. It was a gray day on the water, quite the opposite of the sunny and warm day in Solvang. We stopped to browse the shops that were about to close. As we wandered the area, I stepped out to an open eating area to find a seagull hanging out on top of a red metal box (not pictured). I slowly approached the seagull to take its picture and it didn't flinch. Hmm, interesting, probably very used to tourists. ;)

I inched closer and I think I broke its comfort zone. I snapped a few more shots while it spread its wings and hopped stage right, landing on to the No Fishing sign. Ah, a moment of irony...perfect!


Not the best story, but I think the tongue in cheek humor of the picture more than makes up for it.

The "equipment":

The photo was taken with my iPhone 4S, stock camera app, and then converted to black and white using the Photoshop Express app.


Thank you for your consideration!

-Julie Mar


I was at my daughter's middle school Cultural Fair on Friday with camera at the ready to snap some pics of the goings on. At one point in the proceedings I heard the sweet voice of one of the students singing a Taylor Swift song and I rushed over to grab my Gizmodo shot for the week. I took a few pics but decided on this one as I loved the way the sun lit up each fret and blazed on the tuning peg.

Photo taken RAW, as instructed, on my T2i and converted to B&W in iPhoto.

Georgina Lawrence



i took this photo on sunday, april 22nd in carmel, california. i was on a hike with my girlfriend so i didn't want to carry my larger canon dslr. so, i brought my canon s95 point and shoot.


this was shot at f/8, ISO 80, 6mm, 1/500 sec.

i couldn't see what i was shooting when i took the photo since the camera was almost on the ground but i liked the point of view and the way the flowers look almost unbelievably large.




The photo is of a man sitting in front of me on the el in Chicago. The train was pretty packed, and he was really sweet and politely asked the woman in front of me if he could take a seat next to her. I was trying to get a better look at him, when I noticed that he has pretty cool hair, so I took a picture. Then he got up and got off at Fullerton before I could talk to him. His hair, the way he was dressed, even his manners seemed he had stepped out of another, more romantic decade.

[Extended Story]:
The reason I was on the train was to interview strangers I find inspiring, for a grant I won through Inspire Media at Northwestern University. Shameless plug - I've collected all of the photos and interviews on a blog.


Nikon D7000 and a f1.8G 50mm prime lens

Mariam Gomaa


This image was shot with an iPhone as part of a series of test shots for a new series of works. They were processed on the iPhone to make them black and white. The idea behind this image was not to have the skull sitting on the black background but actually be integrated into the background, at the same time highlighting a specific area of the skull. I wanted the skull to have photographic quality when seen from a distance and as close as I could a technically drawn feel close up so I actually wanted grain in the image.

- Ian Bell