It's come to my attention that, on top of the image server problems we've had this week, 100 of the entries had been thrown out for being larger than our 200KB limitation. That's roughly 25% of our entrants who missed or ignored the size rule, probably because they merely uploaded a shot from their cellphone (as we asked). Given that so many of our participants shared oversized shots, the trend is more than anomalous. So I think it's our responsibility to resize the shots and add them to our pool. This will delay results to next week. Sorry. What a cluster!

If F5ing Gizmodo is too much of a pain, you can keep up on Shooting Challenge results by visiting our Facebook page. In addition, you can use this link to check out the Shooting Challenge tag so you don't miss the results when they happen. Again, my apologies on this. But if you took the time to enter, I want to make sure that we're taking the time to get you included.