Short film: Why the corporate world is better suited for masochists

This hilarious short film by creative agency Studio Hansa shows a regular day in a corporate office. A place where everybody seems to be waiting for an opportunity to hurt you in the most sadistic way. Sometimes it really feels that way.

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Examining this sentiment - with the realization that almost everyone feels similarly - I've had many instances where I am unable to comprehend a single person's ability to resist the urge to act out - be it violently, personally, professionally, or internally.

Those who head to work, day after day, continuing what seems to be a monotonous march towards death. How is it that we have so many individuals who perpetuate this existence so regularly? How is it that everyone isn't jumping off bridges or taking others and themselves out in a horrific manner? At least he gets to wear his dress-shirt un-tucked, I suppose.