Should You Check Your Email?

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Friend-of-Gizmodo and Amazing Human Being Wendy MacNaughton painted this fantastic new chart that helps you decide whether or not you should check your email. (Spoiler: Email is the literal, biblical Devil.) If all infographics were this good we might actually publish more of them.


It showed up on a Forbes blog post on managing distractions that seems to be basically published by Dell. I can't make heads or tails of it, quite honestly, but it did contain this kind nug of info: "overdoing email can be as detrimental to your IQ as smoking weed."

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Why, I'm stoned right now cause I've been hanging with the Dell dude, dude! No, wait, actually, I'm just checking email. As far as you know.

Click to embiggen, dude. [Forbes AdVoice]



Not trying to threadjack, but I saw this flowchart the other day and laughed heartily. I thought I'd share since it's sort of kind of related a bit.