Shoulder Pad to You: Mom's Calling

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Some new technology is being developed in the world of cellphones. Surprising, eh? Well, this current project is working on an idea where when your cellphone rings, you're tapped on the shoulder. Sort of like custom ringtones, the tapping can be set so that you can easily tell who's calling you. Probably the best use of this technology is below:

...This way, when you are in a meeting you have a better idea of who is trying to contact you and you are not always pulling your phone out to see who is calling,


Makes sense to me. Perfect for things like religious services, court hearings, and covert SpecOps operations in the Congo. You get the idea. The technology is looking to be integrated into shoulder pads on suits and jackets for low-key tapping.

Shoulder pads coded to incoming cell phone numbers [Textually]

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