Shove This Insane Contraption on Your Head to Cook Potatoes

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I love potatoes as much as the next guy. Maybe even more than the next guy. But I cross the line at putting a bucket on my head to cook a few spuds. Well, unless I was cooking au gratin potatoes.

Modern Mechanix found this gem in the February, 1930 issue of Modern Mechanics. According to 1930's scientists, the human body produces enough heat to cook potatoes.

Scientists have learned that our bodies are living machines of the combustion type in which the burning of fuel (food) is accompanied by the consumption of oxygen, liberation of heat energy and production of carbon dioxide as is the case in all combustion engines. Scientists find that the heat from a single person, if properly focussed, would be sufficient to cook potatoes.


Hey, if you're cool with looking like a B-movie robot for a few potatoes, more power to you. Just don't surprised when your friends call you Mr. Potato Head. [Modern Mechanix via Boing Boing]