Show Microsoft Who Else Is a PC

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So you've seen Microsoft's "phase 2" ads featuring all sorts of people saying that they are PCs, not this damned dirty John Hodgman stereotype that Apple is tossing around. It's all well and good, but I'd like to see what kinds of people who claim to be PCs we have reading Gizmodo. Sounds like a photo contest to me. For this one, I want you to get a picture of yourself holding a sign that says "I'm a PC" while doing something ridiculous, preferably something that Microsoft would never, ever put into their ads. Send the results to with "I'm a PC" in the subject line. Name your file FirstnameLastname.jpg so you can be properly credited for your genius, and send it in to me by next Tuesday. I'll pick the top three winners and show off the rest of the best in our Gallery of Champions. Get to it, friends!



you do realize this will cause massive amounts of porn being submitted