ShowTime Brings True Video Recording to the iPhone (Verdict: Nice, but We Want More)

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Click to viewShowTime is a new application which captures and saves video at six frames per second, 320 x 627 resolution. Not as fast Drunknbass, but this one actually saves the video clips to the iPhone's flash memory as individual files. The application looks and feels polished, even if the recording format is weird. Layton Duncan, the developer, says that they are planning to add new features to the software:

Right now, the only problem is that the video is saved in a raw format, without compression, you won't be able to pass it to your computer and your recording time will be very limited by the onboard iPhone memory. Fortunately, they are working on the compression and the faster capture now. "Updates in progress will convert the video to Motion JPEG, and we are working on increasing the frame rate" says Layton from Polar Bear Farm, "15 frames per second should realistic soon." They have tried with H.264 compression, but at this time"it's too unstable, and there is a lot of IO software missing, which makes it hard going."

Right now, you can record 5 second clips for free, but for anything longer it's a $10 donation for a license. I asked Layton about what they will we do if Apple introduces video in the next firmare release. "We'll move on to the next thing. We've got other software under development, and like our other publicly released application (Search), we expect Apple to release a firmware update which includes these features at some point."


If you are going to MacWorld 2008, you will be able to check these yourself: the company will be there showing their software all the way from New Zealand, with their own booth. [Polar Bear Farm]