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Makers of some of the better sound-isolating earphones on the market, Shure has recently released a special Gaming Edition of their popular E Series. The earphones are black this time, and are made to "reveal the true audio elements of any game" (so you can further immerse yourself in the heart-pounding, foot-stomping, and blood-gushing excitement of your favorite FPS). They come in three models: E2g, E3g, and E4g, with higher quality audio as you move up the line. The E4gs for example, feature Tuned Port technology, which creates "ultra-wide frequency audio and extended bass" (much like some of the other E Series earbuds). As with most of these sound-isolation earphones, they also come with a personal "fit kit" with various sizes of foam and flanged earbud sleeves for additional comfort. From the specs, it seems that the gaming edition isn't too different from the other Shure E Series earbuds, except that it's black (to match the PSP as well as the black iPod nano), and has a shorter cable (presumably for easier gameplay).

The Shure E Series Gaming Edition will be out later this month, and each purchase comes with a two-year warranty. Price wasn't stated on the press release, but it'll likely be in the $200-300 range (at least that's what PCMall indicates).


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