Sidekick Data Fiasco: Some Users' Contacts Returned

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I wouldn't get too excited yet, but this could be promising news. A few users over at the T-Mobile forums have reported that their lost address book contacts have come back. Here's what they had to say:

What's interesting is that the three posters all have one thing in common: they switched-off their phones. That goes against T-Mobile's official warning: "During this service disruption, please DO NOT remove your battery, reset your Sidekick, or allow it to lose power."

Unfortunately, some users still tried what the Sidekick users below did, and now their phones won't even turn on.


Tommyd2107 says:

I turned off my phone a couple times over the course of the outage. Last night I began manually importing all my numbers back into my phone, then today when I went out on my phone and after I hung up… all 396 of my contacts returned.


Generalblue says:

Got my contacts back too! My phone froze up on me and since I have already lost everything anyways, I just took the battery out and put it back in. Once my phone was on about 5 minutes later I checked my address book for some reason and they were all there. I saved all my contacts to my SIM card.


Dariahna says:

The same thing happened to me...I shut my phone off several times without removing the battery...voile'! My contacts returned!


At that point, a T-Mobile rep jumped into the conversation: "We would like to collect some examples of this." I bet they would. Meanwhile, the Sidekick LX is marked "temporarily out of stock" over at T-Mobile. [T-Mobile Forums and InfoWorld]