Sidekick Slide Pic Surfaces

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If you've wondered what the Sidekick Slide looks like, now we have more than just that render we showed you last month. Boy Genius has somehow uncovered a real photo of it, with little other info but this single pic. So go ahead, behold the beauty, the majesty of Danger's T-Mobile-bound Sidekick Slide, otherwise known as "Zante." [Boy Genius Report]



Danger designs the UI and backend servers etc. They work with the OEMs to design the hardware. None of the sidekick have actually been made by Danger.

There are a few interesting things about this though:

1 - The place where the d-pad/4-way controller usually is looks blank. I'm wondering if this is a large d-pad designed to look more sleek, or a touch sensor/trackpad.

2 - The speaker, which is normally inside the d-pad, now appears to be on the left side of the screen. The sidekick was a bit awkward looking as a phone held to your ear to begin with... and I don't think this would help (though it may make improve usability).

3 - They are indeed, using the same screen as previous sidekick's. I will admit, that the screen performs very well in bright conditions, including direct sunlight compared to my HTC phone, but the resolution and color depth lack a lot. Once again, let's up the ante Danger. You've moved to a brand new manufacturer, spec a better, bigger, or more resolution toting screen!