Silent Film Director for iPhone Is the Surpising Intersection of 'Fun' and 'Silent Films'

You will never find me watching a silent movie, nosiree, I'm a talkie man. But Silent Film Director, a $1 iOS app, has shown me that a scratchy old sped-up silent movie is pretty fun when you're the star! (That's me, doing my best silent movie-era acting, up above). The app lets you choose what style of old school movie you want to make ('20s silent movie, '60s home video or '70s home video, or a few others), slap on some stock piano music or a tune from your library, and set how fast you want your action comically sped up. And if you really want to get into it (I won't judge!), you can buy the pro pack for $1 as an in-app purchase, allowing you to add title cards and transitions. Fun! Until the Great Depression hits. [iTunes]


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