Silly Animation Skewers Our Obsession with Buying More Stuff During Christmas

I have a problem. I spent the past few weeks scouring gift guides in hopes of stumbling into something that I could buy. The problematic part is that I don’t need anything. And yet, I kept looking and looking and looking. It’s because I’m dumb and stupid and want to buy stuff because that’s what the holiday season makes you want to do. But the truth is, don’t! Because you don’t need more stuff.


Here is a funny music video animation from Blue Zoo Animation about the problem with more stuff.

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Kudos for making a video that makes people feel guilty about buying anything other than food, water, and shelter. Remember kids, if you’re getting anything more than just enough to survive, you’re a dirty consumerist that ruins everything.

It’s not like any of us out here bust our asses year round and deserve a bit of quality of life.