Sinister Sabre Warrior Drone Will Kill Us All One Day

This is Lockheed Martin's Sabre Warrior, a next-generation plane that looks like something Batman and Darth Vader would fight over for. Instead, some good-turned-evil computer will get a fleet, as part of a plan to destroy us all. It's impressive.


The Sabre Warrior drone is 46 feet long, with a 36-foot wingspan, capable of taking off with 30,000 pounds of load using a 22,000-pound trust afterburning turbofan engine. It has two modular payload sections, which can be changed by soldiers in the field. Each bay can handle one 2,000 pound or two AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles or 10 smart bombs or sensors, or even fuel for extended range missions—even while this thing is air refuelable.

Its twin nose can also hold multiple sensors, which are interchangeable. And it is designed so there could be a version with a cockpit, so they can send man version as an on-the-scene controller, overlooking over the unmanned versions.


Ah Lockheed Martin's SkunkWorks, always working on making all our nightmares real, you nutty engineers who don't watch apocalyptical movies you. OK people, we may as well burn the office and run to the hills now. [Defense Tech]

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Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

Your military industrial complex at work ladies and gentleman. Too bad this does nothing against some guy in a turban with C4 strapped to his chest. #sabrewarrior