Sip Your Espresso Out of a Tiny Rocket

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Aside from taste, the point of drinking espresso is that in a sense, you want to blast off with all the fuel caffeine provides. And these adorable rocket espresso cups allow you to express that quite literally.


Each mini-rocket costs $40, which is a little steep for a glorified ceramic thimble, but the cost doesn't negate the fact that they're pretty cute. I mean come on, it sits on its little fins. And bonus points because they were made with a 3D printer. They hold two ounces each, or enough for a double shot of espresso. So if you're particularly tired, you might be filling up a few times a day. In my imagination, this is what Neil Armstrong is sipping out of. [Shapeways via SwissMiss via Uncrate]



Ask people outside America about espresso. It doesn't have near the caffeine of what we drink. The point is and always has been, the taste.

I really dig these cups though, they're adorable.