Six-year-old girl tries to guess the plots of classic novels based on their covers

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Just because you can't judge a book by its cover doesn't mean it's not great fun to try. It's even more fun when a six-year-old child tries to guess what's inside the pages of books she's still years away from reading.

Sunny Chanel explains that her six-year-old daughter is always asking what various books she encounters are about, and while Chanel does her best to explain, the plot lines tend to go over her daughter's head. After dealing with this question on a regular basis, Chanel decided to what her daughter thought about the books based solely on their covers.

These are just a few of her daughter's responses. You can read the rest at Strollerderby:


The Fellowship of the Ring:

"This book is about a tree on a hill. The tree is the star of the book and it's a very nice tree but everyone else is mean. I think the tree has a magical ring and some evil guys capture the ring and put him on the top of the hill so they can watch him. "


Atlas Shrugged:

This is about Daydis (her spelling it's actually – Daedalus). He is an ancient god guy who prays a lot. This book is about him crying. He is crying because he doesn't like himself at all, because he hates himself. It looks like a saddy, saddy, saddy bookie."


Fahrenheit 451:

"I think this is about a gigantic robot who goes on fire and he doesn't like himself. It has a sad ending. It looks like a book for teens. The title means fire, a really really really big fire since the number is 451, that would mean it was really hot. So the robot must get really hot. Maybe that is why he is so sad."


Brave New World:

"This book is about the future. I think the future will all be robotics becasuse that's what it's like in cartoons, so the book would be like that."


This girl apparently has a keen fascination with robots, which will hopefully carry her far. But if you read the rest of the entries, it might also bring her to A Clockwork Orange a tad prematurely. Listen well, kiddo: "droog" is not slang for "robot pal."

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