Wow, that was quick. It's Christmas Eve Eve. The last work day for some of us before we go headfirst into the gift-giving holiday. You know what, forget everyone else. Get something for yourself. The Bard's Tale is a hilarious RPG that'll burn through those hours of boredom with the family. Get back into drawing with SketchBook Pro, and let's not forget good ol' Charlie Brown, all in today's best app deals.


iOS: SketchBook Pro for iPad - $2

We all fancy ourselves a bit of an artist. Even if it is a few doodles during meetings. But if you're really serious about art and drawing, you should pick up SketchBook Pro. It's the drawing/painting app of choice for many artists. With a huge color palette and customizable UI, you're ready to really nail that 3D box you're always drawing when you're not listening to your boss drone on and on. Dropped from $5 to $2. [AppShopper]

iOS: The Bard's Tale - $5

The folks over at Kotaku loved this hilarious RPG. Play as the Bard, who's voiced by Cary Elwes (yeah, the guy from The Princess Bride), as he's swept up in adventures battle evil, chasing ladies, and taking down breakdancing zombies. I am not kidding about that last part. If you think $5 is too much, realize that the game lasts 20-30 hours. Seriously, that's value. Dropped from $6 to $5. [Appsylum]


iOS: Password Manager Pro - Free

I have too many passwords. When I get to a site I haven't visited in a while, I spend half the time running through the various alphanumeric nonsense I've created just trying to get into my account. This app will store all of those various passwords and usernames in a secure environment. How secure? Well, strong 3AES+BASE64 encryption that's how secure. Sounds impressive right? Just don't forget the password for this app, that would be embarrassing. Dropped from $2 to Free. [DealMac]


Android: A Charlie Brown Christmas - Free


Charlie Brown has always had it tough. The guy can't even kick a football without one of his so called "friends" pulling it away at the last minute. Christmas should be no different for the guy. Relive the classic holiday cartoon with an interactive storybook on your Android device. If you want, you can probably skip Linus' preachy bit at the end. That Linus thinks he's so smart. Dropped from $7 to Free. [Apps-aholic]

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