Skip the Gnomes and Put a Giant Charging Triceratops In Your Garden

Kids obviously love dinosaurs, but here's a secret: most adults do too. It's just that as you grow older it becomes less socially acceptable to wear T-rex PJs to bed. But that doesn't mean you can't indulge your dino love elsewhere. In fact, what garden wouldn't be instantly improved with a 20-foot long Triceratops guarding your Begonias?

Cast in high-quality resin and reinforced with fiberglass so that it can shrug off the weather, this hand-painted Triceratops towers just over 10-feet-tall to the tip of its long horns. It weighs just shy of 800 pounds so you're going to have to pay for delivery. But if you're already spending $10,000 on a lawn ornament, what's a few extra bucks to save having to lash this thing to the roof of your car to get it home? [Design Toscano via The Green Head]


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