Skip the Switch and Play This Cardboard Version of Super Mario You Can Build Yourself

Still having a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch? The hunt’s only going to get harder now that the holidays are here, but why add to your pre-Christmas stresses when you can just build your own playable version of Super Mario out of cardboard, and save yourself hundreds of dollars?

In addition to cardboard, a hot glue gun, a couple of electric motors, and a bunch of wire, you’ll also need hacking skills that rival MacGyver to build your own Mario game on the cheap. Because not only can you play this truly authentic paper Mario using a wired controller—including the ability to jump over obstacles—you can also actually die in the game if you hit a Goomba, resulting in a “Game Over” screen popping up and ending your run. It’s certainly crude, but it doesn’t sound any worse than Star Wars Battlefront 2.

[YouTube via Hackaday]

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Jerk Dently

the resolution of the cardboard version is better than the Switch screen, more memory too