SkyDrive for Android: Squirrel Your Stuff Away on Your Phone

Android users who opt for Microsoft's cloud storage solution can rejoice—today Microsoft rolled out the SkyDrive app for Google's operating system. [ZDNet]

What does it do?

Lets you view, share, and add new content to your SkyDrive account from your phone. You get 7GB free a year, and after that it's $10/year for an additional 20GB, $25/year for 50GB extra, $50 for 100GB more.


Why do we like it?

Microsoft has a great storage solution in SkyDrive, and it's already accessible through a number of places—iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, and Windows. Now as Microsoft assured it would, the app has landed on Android. It's designed to work best with Ice Cream Sandwich, but it is compatible as far back as Android 2.3. A few of the plusses are you can upload multiple photos and videos from your phone at the same time, and you can share your stuff through email. On top of that, you can still get to your SkyDrive documents through other apps. Great to see a fully-baked app delivered on time, as promised.


Download this app for:

The Best:

Access SkyDrive stuff from other apps

The Worst:

Can't create new docs


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