Skyfire For Android Hits the App Market

Ah, lovely: Just in time for the reignited Flash-on-mobile debate, here's a browser that can actually play Flash video on Android, right now.

Skyfire got its start on Windows Mobile and Symbian, which proved, at least in the US, to have been an unfortunate choice. (Skyfire is historically a US-only app.) They've finally crossed the bridge over to Android, a platform that isn't just taking off, but is in dire need of some healthy browser competition. And Skyfire for Android is looking great:

Multitouch is there, but as evidenced by their demo video, Flash video playback, which enabled by Skyfire's compression servers, is the killer feature. Sure, Android Froyo will probably play Flash videos just fine, but your phone might not have that for months—or, you know, ever. [Skyfire]



You know what the funny thing is about all this ridiculous Flash shit?

5 years from now, there will be people on Gizmodo who ask "What's Flash?"