Slacker Radio Planning On-Demand Music Service

Illustration for article titled Slacker Radio Planning On-Demand Music Service

Wired is reporting that Slacker Radio has secretly been prepping an on-demand music subscription service that will give users unprecedented control over streaming radio.


Other subscription services like Napster and Rhapsody already let you stream 25 free on-demand songs a month, but it seems as though the Slacker service wouldn't apply a cap. You'll also be able to create a Slacker station as specific as playing only two artists.

There's no word on pricing yet, though Slacker already has an ad-free model that costs $5 a month, and presumably this would be an added premium on top of that. But indications are that it may be flexible:

If its subscribers mostly continue using the interactive radio features rather than playing on-demand music all day, Slacker might be able to offer them a lower-priced or more sustainable service than services that rely almost exclusively on expensive-to-license on-demand playback.

Also unclear right now: timing. But whenever it launches—if the price is within reason—this could turn out to be a pretty great service. [Wired]



Yeah, you can plug all those other services, but guess which one I can use in my truck all the way from here to Vegas uninterrupted? My Slacker portable player.