Slightest Touch: The Fastest Way to a Woman's Heart is Through Her Ankles

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If you really want to get your girlfriend/wife hot and bothered, you should know that the fastest way to stimulate her most sensitive of areas is to go straight for her… ankles? Really? I guess I know less about women than I thought.

The Slightest Touch is a "foreplay gadget" that consists of a couple of electrodes meant to be placed on her ankles and a small controller. By fiddling with the controller, "very gentle waves of electrical signals are sent through the nerve pathways in the legs and up to the sexual nerve centers in the pelvic region." Sexy? I dunno, something about attaching electrodes to her ankles just screams "mood killer" to me, but I guess your mileage may vary.

Product Page [via Coolest Gadgets]