Slomo: Why You See a Retired Doctor Skating Around San Diego Every Day

If you visit Pacific Beach in San Diego, you might spy an older dude skating in slow motion along the boardwalk. Known as "Slomo," man's been mistaken for many things through the years—homeless, insane, etc.—but he's actually there very much on purpose. This short New York Times doc is his strange, inspiring story.

Slomo's real name is Jon Kitchin. And boy, does he have a tale to tell. Fifteen years ago, deeply unhappy, although making tons of money in the medical field, he was emotionally bankrupt and completely unhappy. He says he was even on the verge of suicide. But he found happiness in in-line skating—the movement, the physics, the scenery. He thought, at first, that his newfound happiness might have been a bioproduct of clinically-diagnosed insanity or something. But he was just happy. And now that's why you'll see him every day, skating along the sea in San Diego. Head over to the Times to give it a look. [New York Times via Digg]


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