We know you'll be watching the Super Bowl in HD come February 4th, but ever wonder what it takes to bring you this colossal event in glorious high-def? Well, the folks at CBS wanna tell you as they've hired over 500 staffers, 47 HD cameras, and even went through the trouble of replacing the lights at Miami's Dolphin Stadium all in the name of high-def. But at the top of their tech list this year is a new super-slow motion camera called the Phantom V10 which has the ability to capture 2,000 frames per second. The camera, which is made by Vision Research, will be joined by six of Sony's latest super-slo-mo camera systems and an army of robotic, unmanned cameras. Enough gadgetry to make you a football fan—even if you're not.

No Trick Plays [Broadcasting & Cable via AVS Forum]