So Maybe Getting Molested by the TSA Isn't SO Awful

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Comedian and Community star Joel McHale thinks that having your genitals fondled by a stranger as you attempt to get home to your irritating family isn't the worst thing ever. Hey, plenty of people pay to get grabbed there.

Of course, getting screened by a TSA agent often entails something worse than a gentle rub. Like, a lot worse. Good luck, Giz flyers.

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So the opt-out protest today was an abject failure as no one participated, and polls continue to show that the overwhelming majority couldn't care less about the body scanners. The pat downs typically only come if you refuse the body scanners and since using airports and flying is voluntary, it doesn't violate the 4th amendment. So why is every other Gizmodo article still about this issue? Is it really that slow of a news week?