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Sob Along With Kristen Bell as She Contemplates the End of The Good Place

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Holy forking shirtballs!
Holy forking shirtballs!
Image: Colleen Hayes (NBC)

In June, we learned that NBC’s The Good Place, a wonderfully witty series that has sustained its “dead people navigating a supremely complex afterlife” premise by flipping its script with breathtaking deftness, will end after its upcoming fourth season. We’re glad the show gets to wrap up on its own terms, but we are going to miss it very, very much. And so will star Kristen Bell.

If you’re already planning on weeping into your fro-yo, shrimp, Peeps chili, or interdimensional pancakes when The Good Place is over (we definitely are), why not get a head start by checking out this sweet video taken at San Diego Comic-Con by Pure Fandom, showing William Jackson Harper (who plays Chidi) comforting Kristen Bell (Eleanor) as she contemplates the impending finale?

You should really watch the full interview, but the waterworks begin at around 3:25 if you want to have all the tissues handy.

“I feel like the luckiest person alive, and I also feel lucky that we’re with ethically responsible people who have found a perfect ending to this story, and decided to execute it as opposed to going on for 10 more years just because we’re getting a paycheck,” Bell says. “That’s art, you know?”


The Good Place returns to NBC on September 26.

[h/t/ chidi]

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