Socks Made with Carbonized Coffee Will Make Your Feet Less Stinky

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Plain white socks these are not. The Atlas sock is a performance dress sock made from cotton, polyester and carbonized coffee. Carbonized coffee? Yes, it helps filter and absorb sweat and odor. Even more, the sock uses strain analysis, pressure mapping and thermal imaging to create something ridiculously comfortable.


Seriously, this is one tech'd out piece of footwear. Most of us spend a good chunk of change on our shoes but ignore socks. That ain't right! The Atlas sock, made by Ministry of Supply, is a Kickstarter project (that's already reached its funding) that wants to make your feet feel less awful. The main attraction is its odor control. The Atlas sock literally uses carbonized coffee that is "reclaimed from coffee roasters and shops, and is processed through a pharmaceutical process to remove the coffee oils (so it won’t smell like coffee!) and is then infused into our recycled polyester yarns."

The idea is to make the odor molecules of your foot attach to the carbonized coffee. It'll work like how a Brita filter cleans out water. It sounds absolutely ridiculous but Ministry of Supply claims their Atlas sock is three times better at absorbing odor than a regular cotton sock.


If you want a new pair of socks and/or want to donate to their Kickstarter and/or want to read more about how the Atlas sock is mapped for perfect comfort, head here. [Kickstarter]

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