Solar-Powered County Fair Makes So Much Sense

Illustration for article titled Solar-Powered County Fair Makes So Much Sense

This year's Marin County fair in northern California took its environmental theme seriously. A huge photovoltaic setup provided about 40% of the fair's energy with clean solar power—and a solar-powered county fair makes perfect sense.


Think about it: The only time you'd go to a fair (and not be miserable) is during a sunny summer's day, just the right time to absorb a ton of solar energy and use it to power rides like a carousel and Ferris wheel. The fair also featured an edible garden, a solar-powered audio show and a display of electric vehicles from Tesla as well as retrofitted classic cars. Hell, anything to make a county fair exciting again, right? [Inhabitant]


As a side question, anyone from the tri-state area remember the commercials for The Greater Westchester County Fair? It's where everyone could join the fun! It was about the most fun thing you can do.