Solar-Powered Plane Smashes World Record, Sort Of

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UK defense firm Qinetiq has smashed the world record for the longest unmanned flight. Their solar-powered Zephyr flew continuously for an incredible 54 hours, easily beating the previous 30-hour record held by a US jet aircraft. Unfortunately though, it won't be officially recognized as a record, because of a slight oversight.


The flight was pretty secretive because QinetiQ are a defense contractor, and therefore there weren't any representatives from the world air sports federation there. This means that it can't be verified and entered into the record books. A Qinetiq employee seemed sure that it could go even better though, saying; "You ain't seen nothing yet." That enthusiasm is great, but just remember to invite the FAI guys next time, OK?

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The Zephyr has a huge 59-ft wingspan, but weighs only 31kg, making it extremely efficient. During the flight it reached a maximum altitude of 58,000 ft, charging it's batteries during the day so that it could fly through the night. [BBC]


I'm with HAGRUN on this one.

Windhawk posts a comment linking a reference to a line from Star Wars, one that would undoubtedly be recognized given the community that frequents Gizmodo, to a quote from the posted article.

Then bigjerman853 posts a comment in response to Windhawk wherein he's trying to poke fun at the decidedly nerdy comment but really only succeeds in validating his own "stupidiness".

Enter HAGRUN, who sums up exactly what I was thinking at this point.

In response to HAGRUN, WINDHAWK decides to paraphrase, I can only assume, bigjerman853's terribly worded comment. This of course goes nowhere since Windhawk fails in paraphrasign anything and ends up posing a question instead.

So, to try and clear things up here, I'd like to offer my responses to each:

@Windhawk: Nice comment. I see what you did there, making a reference to a line from Star Wars.

@bigjerman853: "I think you just should your nerdieness (if that is a word)!!" All nerdy comments aside, the real issue here is that your post falls so far out of grammatical correctness the fact that you caught Windhawk's Star Wars reference at all boggles the mind... ...and no, it's not a word.

@Windhawk: To paraphrase: You just made yourself look like a nerd for making a reference to a spoken line from Star Wars.

@HAGRUN: Our national public school system in full effect.