Some Poor Bastards Stole $1.7 Million Worth Of PlayBooks a Truck Stop

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Poor RIM. Nothing's going right for it: the PlayBook is killing it, its next generation of mobile phones is severely delayed, and now, someone's run off with $1.7 million of its stock.


Last Thursday, a truck carrying 22 pallets of BlackBerry PlayBooks — that's about 5,000 units — was stolen from a truck stop in Indiana, report The Verge, while the driver was busy, uh, eating. There was no tracking device on the vehicle, so that's pretty much it: they're gone.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining: at least this means RIM has 5,000 less PlayBooks to worry about shifting at incredibly low prices. And given that it's just taken a $485 million loss on PlayBooks anyway, an extra $1.7 million can't hurt too much.


Personally, though, I think you've got to feel for the poor guys that stole the things. How the hell are a bunch of thieves going to get rid of 5,000 PlayBooks if RIM can't give them away? [The Herald Bulletin via The Verge]