Google’s huge Pixel 3 XL smartphone is expected to be officially released in October, but it has already been unofficially released in the form of leaks to the Russian and Ukrainian tech media (possibly after someone stole a shipment in transit). Its smaller cousin, the standard Pixel 3, has also had some major leaks, with photos of the alleged device showing off a 5.5-inch screen and a 3,000 mAh battery life.

Well, here’s yet another report of a Pixel 3 XL in the wild—this time courtesy of an anonymous Lyft driver who sent Android Police photos of a pre-production unit he said was left in the back of his car by some riders. It looks pretty much like the photos released in the Russian media previously, showing the phone’s gigantic notch and purportedly very good camera. It’s unclear where the incident occurred.


The driver doesn’t appear to have spent much time snooping with the phone. Instead, Android Police wrote, he took a few photos before returning the device to the owner:

He thought his own Pixel 2 XL had somehow fallen back, but he realized it was the 3 XL after seeing the notch and Google logo on the back.

The unit had various identifying stickers, which have been blocked out. Alligator returned the phone to the original owner a few minutes later.


Google seemingly just can’t keep their Pixels from falling into the hands of curious third parties. The phone does appear to have been put in a case to try and hide its identity to little avail—but seeing as pretty much everything that can be seen in the photos already emerged in the prior leaks, there’s not many surprises here.

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