Someone please make these Doctor Who Lego minifigs

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Fine Clonier makes custom Lego minifigs, and he's currently working his way through the Doctor Who series, creating tiny plastic replicas of the various Doctors and his most recent companions. If only Lego and the BBC would team up to make these commercially available.


You can see the entire series on Clonier's Flickr account. Many of these are works in progress, but the characters are still instantly recognizable.

[via GeekDad]


James Whitbrook

As bluehinter says, Character Options - who have the Who toy license - do a range of Lego compatible 'Character Building' Doctor Who minifigs and sets. The sets aren't as good as Lego imho, but the minifigs are great!

I have my mini-Doctors all lined up with their respective 5" versions, they're so cute.