Someone Turned Their Apartment Into an Immersive Sound and Light Show for the Fireball Island Board Game

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Back in early 2018, Restoration Games revived Milton Bradley’s Fireball Island board game through a Kickstarter campaign that not only succeeded, but has also already shipped out to backers like YouTube’s andyk. To take his copy of the game to the next level, he turned his entire apartment into an immersive, interactive experience that includes accompanying lights, sounds, and smoke effects.

The original version of Fireball Island is still fondly remembered by children of the ‘80s because it didn’t feel like a traditional board game. Its board was shaped like a 3D island that players navigated while trying to retrieve an elusive crystal, but what really set it apart were rolling fireballs that could snake their way through the island, knocking players’ tokens out of the way, and impeding their progress. It felt like an adventure movie akin to Indiana Jones, which is what made it so popular, worth resurrecting, and the perfect game to upgrade with special effects.

andyk’ unveiled his Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar upgrades to his family over the holidays, which explains the oddly out-of-place Christmas music playing in the background throughout a series of demo videos posted to his YouTube channel. It’s not all automated just yet—specific trigger buttons need to be manually pressed as certain things happen in the game—but the perfectly synced light-up animations and sound effects (borrowed from movies like Aladdin and Jurassic Park) really do appear to add to the game.

If Hasbro sold an immersive room kit like this for Scrabble, I bet kids would suddenly be pretty excited about spelling.


[YouTube via Geekologie]

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I fondly remember the original. Box it came in was huge. It is quite expensive if you find it available somewhere.