I am as much a fan of the silky Strat as the next person raised on classic rock—especially Mark Knopfler's modified one—but this Fender finish on the MyTouch 3G Android phone doesn't seem very rock 'n' roll.

The phone itself was, alas, not on display at CTIA in San Diego, a phone convention increasingly known for its lack of actual new phones. But in these studio shots, it looks really good. If it didn't have the Fender logo, I'd be like, "Hey, look at my sweet phone. Doesn't it kind of remind you of a guitar?" But emblazoned as it is, the bearer is forced to apologize for it, like, "Yeah, I really liked how it looked, even though I know how corny it is to have a phone with my guitar's logo on it. Will you forgive me?"


And the ghost of Les Paul played on... [T-Mobile]