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Sonic Nausea Makes Your Prank Victims Sick, Literally

Illustration for article titled Sonic Nausea Makes Your Prank Victims Sick, Literally

Nothing says hilarity like making somebody else physically ill. That's the idea behind Sonic Nausea, a tiny device that makes people sick to their stomach when they're within it's range.


You simply plug the little thing into a 9-volt battery and then it pumps out "ultra-high frequency soundwaves which soon leads most in its vicinity to queasiness." While I'm not quite sure about whether or not soundwaves can make you sick to your stomach, this is the perfect way to get back at your boss, annoying neighbor or pregnant girlfriend/unborn child. The possibilities are endless, really. [Product Page via BB Gadgets]

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so, how would this be a good prank? the only way for me to actually see the person get sick is if i were near them and by doing so i would get sick myself. Am I missing something here?