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Sonos upgraded their ZonePlayer lineup to the ZP 90 and the ZP 120. The ZP 90, which connects to existing home theater amplifiers, is essentially the same as the ZP 80, but now features SonosNet 2.0, which combines MIMO antennas with Sonos' existing mesh network. The ZP120, Sonos' main amplified unit, also includes SonosNet 2.0, but is also smaller (7"x3"x8" vs. 10"x4"x8") , lighter (5 lbs. vs. 10 lbs.), and has more power (55W vs 50W) than the previous ZP100.


In addition, Sonos updated their system software to version 2.6, which and to its list of music services for use with the Sonos Controller 100 (which has yet to be upgraded from its original design, btw), and are offering $200 worth of free downloads between the three services. The update also enables support for NAS Hard Drives, and 65,000 music files. There's also an eMusic promo in there. The ZP 90 and 120 are available now for $350 and $500 respectively, or as part of the BU150 bundle which includes the ZP 90, 120 and CR100 Controller for $1000. [Sonos]


Wireless Range and Amplifier Design Innovations Deliver State of the Art Multi-Room Music Experience

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – August 5, 2008 – Sonos®, Inc., the leading developer of wireless multi-room music systems for the home, today introduced two new ZonePlayers to deliver a state-of-the-art multi-room music experience. With innovations in both wireless technology and amplifier design, the Sonos ZonePlayer 120 (ZP120) and the Sonos ZonePlayer 90 (ZP90) make Sonos the ideal system for music lovers who want to enjoy all the music they love, all over the house. The new ZonePlayers are available starting today at all Sonos authorized retailers and at HYPERLINK ""

The two new Sonos ZonePlayers give music lovers the ability to add music to absolutely any room. Connect speakers to the amplified ZP120 and place in the bedroom or the backyard. The non-amplified ZP90 can be connected to a home theater or stereo, allowing customers to make use of the audio equipment they already own.

"Sonos' mission is to fill every house-and every room-with music," said Phil Abram, President & Chief Operating Officer, Sonos, Inc. "These new products continue Sonos' heritage of blending the latest technology, software and user experience to create an unmatched music experience in the home."

The new ZonePlayers incorporate SonosNet™ 2.0, our latest wireless mesh network technology, which doubles the wireless range of the Sonos Multi-Room Music System. SonosNet 2.0 uses Sonos' mesh network combined with state of the art MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) wireless technology which uses 3 antennas to send and receive music. SonosNet 2.0 helps assure the music gets to all the right rooms, near or far, at the right time – creating perfect synchronization of music without all the wires. The extended range works between any mix of ZP120s and ZP90s and is compatible with all previous generations of Sonos ZonePlayers, Controllers and ZoneBridges.
Sonos ZonePlayer 120

Advances in power supply design, digital amplifier engineering, industrial design, and mechanical engineering make this the smallest, lightest, most powerful amplified Sonos ZonePlayer ever. The incredibly efficient amplifier and power supply, combined with the fan-less design of the aluminum case, allows the ZP120 to operate silently. The ZP120 delivers 2x55 watts per channel RMS at 8 Ohms. With measurements of THD+N < 0.02%, 20Hz-20kHz, the ZP120 delivers powerful low distortion audiophile quality sound to every room of the house. The ZP120 can be connected to speakers and discreetly placed on a bookshelf, under furniture or beds, or hidden in cabinets with connections to in-wall speakers.

The ZP120 will retail for $499 individually. It is also included as part of the Sonos Bundle 150 (see accompanying press release) for $999.

Sonos ZonePlayer 120 Technical Specifications

Class-D Amplifier: Great sounding amplifier that is lightweight, small and very energy efficient

Output: 2x55W RMS (55W power into 8 ohms, TDN+N<0.02%)*
Speaker connections: Spring binding posts

Line In: Auto-detecting RCA allows any external audio source to be played by all ZonePlayers in the system

Subwoofer out: Auto-detecting RCA, 80 Hz crossover

Wireless connectivity: SonosNet™ 2.0, a secure AES encrypted, MIMO peer-to-peer wireless mesh network

Network bridging: 2-port switch (10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX) allows Ethernet devices to connect through SonosNet

Power Supply: AC 120/240V, 50-60Hz, user-switchable

Dimensions: W 7.3 inch x H 3.5 inch x D 8.15 inch (W 185mm x H 89mm x D 207mm)

Weight: 5.1 lb (2.3 kg)

Product finish: Anodized precision machined extrusion aluminum case. Aluminum casing also facilitates passive cooling.
*Both channels driven, minimum continuous average power, 22Hz-20KHZ-AES17 measurement bandwidth

Sonos ZonePlayer 90

The Sonos ZonePlayer 90 allows music lovers to play all the music they want, all over their house, on all of their favorite audio equipment-a home theater system, powered speakers, a premium table top radio such as a Bose Wave® Radio, and more. It is the easiest way to integrate existing audio equipment into a multi-room music system.

The ZP90 will retail for $349 individually. It is also included as part of the Sonos Bundle 150 (see accompanying press release) for $999.

Sonos ZonePlayer 90 Technical Specifications

Sound quality: THD+N < 0.009%, 20Hz-20KHz

Line-out: Analog (RCA), digital (optical and coaxial)

Line-in: Analog (RCA), auto-detecting

Wireless connectivity: SonosNet™ 2.0, a secure AES encrypted, MIMO peer-to-peer wireless mesh network

Network bridging: The 2-port switch (10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX) allows Ethernet devices to connect through SonosNet™

Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Dimensions: W 5.5 inch x H 5.4 inch x D 2.9 inch (W 139.7mm x H 136mm x D 74mm)

Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.69 kg)

Product finish: Light gray, high quality PC

Sonos System Technical Specifications

Audio formats supported: MP3, WMA (including Windows Media DRM), AAC (MPEG4), Ogg Vorbis, Audible (format 4), Apple Lossless, Flac (lossless) music files, as well as uncompressed WAV and AIFF files. Native support for 44.1kHz sample rates. Additional support for 48kHz, 32kHz, 24kHz, 22kHz, 16kHz, 11kHz, and 8kHz sample rates.

Music services supported: Best Buy™ Digital Music Store, Napster®, Pandora®, Rhapsody® 3.0+, SIRIUS® Internet Radio, and downloads from any service offering DRM-free tracks, including Amazon MP3™, eMusic® and more.

Operating systems (for stored files): Windows® XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista™ Mac OS X v10.4 and v10.5 NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices supporting CIFS.

Internet radio supported: Streaming MP3, WMA

Album art supported: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF

Playlists supported: Rhapsody, iTunes®, WinAmp®, Windows Media Player®, and MusicMatch™ (.m3u, .pls, .wpl)

In conjunction with today's ZP120 and ZP90 announcement, Sonos also introduced Sonos Software 2.6 to all Sonos customers. The new feature update includes more than $200 in DRM-free music offers, support for music collections with up to 65,000 tracks, and more. See accompanying press release.

Sonos is the first wireless, multi-room music system that lets you play all the music you want all over your house - and control it all from the palm of your hand. To learn more about Sonos, to place an order or to locate an authorized Sonos dealer, please visit HYPERLINK "" or call 877.80.SONOS.


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