Sony Announces MZ-RH1 Hi-MD Walkman

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We know, we know, we can't believe Sony's working on new MiniDisc products either. We're not even sure what we think is cuter: the fact that Sony's still making them, or that they've apparently realized that ATRAC is not going to be king after all no matter how hard they try and so the new MD players now also handle MP3. No, wait, maybe it's that they're actually going to launch Mac support this summer, more than five years after it would've actually made a difference for most people.

MiniDisc units are still among the best audio options when it comes to recording interviews and sound, and we're sure the MZ-RH1 is going to be perfect for that, but for those of us who just want to listen to music the MD's time is long past.


Sony Brings Studio Sound to New Hi-MD Walkman [Sony Europe, via I4U News ]

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