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Sony Ericsson: Google, Like, Totally Asked Us to Build the Nexus One First

Illustration for article titled Sony Ericsson: Google, Like, Totally Asked Us to Build the Nexus One First

Okay, Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg, here's the deal: if you're going to spill the details of backroom discussions that never panned out, be sure the story at least makes you look good. Because this Nexus One ditty does not!


Nordberg was speaking to Swedish publication Sydsvenskan when he confirmed that Google had first approached Sony Ericsson to be its Nexus One hardware partner, and that Sony Ericsson cold refused. Apparently Sony Ericsson would rather compete in the US exclusively with their own products. So let's see how that turned out, shall we?

The Nexus One, despite lackluster sales, has established itself as the best Android phone out there. More importantly, it's given manufacturer HTC huge boosts in reputation and recognition.


Meanwhile, sad Sony Ericsson has yet to release an Android phone in the US. Whoops? Maybe Bert Nordberg is just that desperate to become a trending topic. [Sydsvenskan via Engadget]

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I don't say that he's lying but it sounds fishy to me. After all, when Google partners HTC, I can see the obviousness. HTC has been a faithful partner, has produced more Android phones than other manufacturer, and by doing so, they might earn more commitment from HTC that will also serve to undercut WinMo sales.

But Sony Ericsson? First, they hardly have any Android phone. Secondly, even if SE is willing to switch completely from Symbian to Android as a result of this partnership, Google would only undercut Symbian which in its current state will likely surrender without much fight anyway. Thirdly, SE and smartphone seems doesn't belong in the same sentence other than "SE doesn't produce a good smartphone".